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Wholesale NFL Jerseys.Seattle Seahawks return specialist Devin Hester showed his former Atlanta Falcons teammates that he still has a little something left in the fuel tank. After huge returns earlier in the game, Hester delivered again when the Seahawks needed him most.With Seattle trailing 36-13 late in the fourth quarter after a Mohamed Sanu touchdown reception, Hester took the ensuing kickoff 78 yards down field, all the way to the Atlanta 31-yard line. It was vintage Hester, and a reminder of why he’s considered the greatest return man of all time.Cheap NFL Football Jerseys.Lost in the frantic fan reaction to the news that the Oakland Raiders will be announcing their move to Las Vegas in the “coming days,” is the fact that they will play their next two seasons in the Bay Area regardless.Raiders owner Mark Davis has been on record that this would be the case since Oct. 2016, where he confirmed to ESPN’s Paul Guiterrez that he “plans to play the next two seasons at the Oakland Coliseum, even if the team gets the green light from the NFL to move to Las Vegas.”Wholesale NFL Jerseys.

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