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Things change rapidly in the NFL. A team that was bad one season is sometimes much better the next season or vice versa. But dramatic, year-to-year changes actually happen less often now than they used to.Cheap Jerseys.From 1999 to 2008, a dozen different teams turned things around and went 11-5 or better after a season in which they were 5-11 or worse. Since 2009, only three teams have done the same thing.The decline of parity is reflected in this first round of Football Outsiders’ 2017 team projections. Eleven of the 12 teams that would make the playoffs based on mean projections are teams that made the playoffs in one of the past two seasons. Nevertheless, there will be some new blood in contention and, in particular, a new city.Authentic NFL Jerseys.Both the Los Angeles Rams and the Los Angeles Chargers rank seventh in their respective conferences in this initial forecast, meaning there’s a good chance one of the two teams will give Los Angeles playoff football for the first time since 1993.

The slot receiver position has never been a bigger part of the game than it is in today’s NFL. Gone are the days of strictly two-receiver sets with a tight end who was there to block more than to catch passes.Jerseys For Sale.With offenses as spread out as they are today, quarterbacks need that reliable slot receiver who they know is going to work the middle of the field and pick up the tough yards. It’s rare to find a successful passing offense today without a solid slot receiver involved.Last season, 36 NFL receivers played at least 50 percent of their snaps in the slot position, tied for the most PFF has seen in a single season (the PFF era dates back to 2006). With the large amount of projected slot receivers drafted this season, that record could be broken this year. While some teams are clearly looking for the next great slot receiver, other teams already have their favorite slot targets in place.Cheap NFL Jerseys China.This list takes a look at the top five slot receivers in the NFL today, focusing solely on their production when lined up in the slot.

Value is in the eye of the beholder. That’s a saying, right? If not, I’m making it one. Because how fantasy managers view a player will have a lot to do with that player’s value in drafts.China Jerseys.Of course, it’s possible for some players to get a little too overvalued in plenty of leagues with drafters reaching for a guy in a spot where his production might not warrant it.Consider this column to be your fantasy buzzkill.When it comes to quarterbacks, it’s pretty easy to find players whose draft value might not match up to their potential. At a position currently experiencing as much depth as the fantasy quarterback spot, it’s easy to figure out where other values can be found beyond just the top of the ADP charts.Custom Jerseys.This isn’t to say that the quarterbacks on this list aren’t good. It’s just to say you can probably find better options.

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