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NFL Jerseys Cheap.some believe he would be a good late first- or early second-round pick, while others think he is a long-term project who should be a middle-round pick. Of course, all of these folks said they wouldn’t be surprised if he went much higher than that — however, they believe choosing him that high would be a mistake. I like the fact that he’s going to throw at the NFL Scouting Combinenext month and I’m anxious to see his official measurables.I couldn’t find a scout or executive who was excited about DeShone Kizer or Mitch Trubisky. When you’re talking to teams that already have an established signal-caller, there’s no reason for them to feed me false information. In fact, it would benefit them if these quarterbacks went early, dropping talented players at other positions into their lap. I’m sure one or more of these quarterback prospects will get hot and gather some steam as we head toward the draft.Wholesale Jerseys Cheapest.Will it be one of the three mentioned above or will we see another name emerge? Buckle up. This is going to be an interesting ride.The Packers obviously have plenty of intriguing talent but it all starts at the top with Rodgers. He is still the premier dynasty QB in the game and at just 33 years old, has plenty of elite years left. He got out of the gate a little slow this season and speculation kicked in about why the Packers offense was struggling. Looking back, that was probably a great window of opportunity to buy low on Rodgers. That is all in the past now, though, as threw for 40 TDs, the second-most in a season over his career. He basically willed the Packers into the playoffs on the strength of his right arm.Cheap China Jerseys.

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